jQuery fadeIn / fadeOut vs. IE ClearType Rendering

Fix your janky text already

jQuery makes fading html elements trivial, and ever day I see JavaScript fade in/out effects used all over the web.  I've used this UI trick on a few of the sites I've been working with lately and like everyone, I've experienced the frustrating jagged text issue in IE.  You know what I'm talking about if you use Facebook and have posted a comment on someone's wall post.  After you make the comment it will show up inline in typical AJAX fashion and its font will look like it was rendered on a Commodore 64.  There are a few posts like this one that address the issue with jQuery and CSS modifications, however I've not had much luck using this method and it's not very flexible.  Fortunately there is an alternative commonly used by flash developers that I've found to be easier to implement, more reliable and most importantly works seamlessly across all modern browsers.